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Florida USSSA sets out to be the most outstanding amateur sports organization by providing parents and coaches the arena and tools to uplift and transform athletes. Basketball is more than a game; basketball is a teacher of life lessons and everlasting values. Florida USSSA wants athletes of all backgrounds to have the opportunity to learn from the game and grow both on and off the court. With the role of parents and coaches being pivotal to this goal, Florida USSSA wants to empower both parties in facilitating memorable, positive moments that last athletes a lifetime.

With James Taylor at the healm of USSSA Basketball both nationally and statewide, there has never been a better time for Florida USSSA to uphold the organization's global values.





"I’m thrilled to learn that James Taylor will be appointed as the National as well as Florida State Director of USSSA Basketball. USSSA is fortunate to have James’ leadership. His unrivaled passion creativity, and vision combined with his basketball resume makes him a tremendous asset for USSSA and its sports community. I have been blessed to know James and look forward to working with him in this new role."

Palm Beach County Sports Commission Executive Director, George Linley

"Sports, especially basketball, can, and should be used as a vehicle to transport idol minds out of complacency into action-driven steps to reaching one’s goal. Sports should build character, promote positive thinking, develop self discipline, and provide an outlet for youth expression."

USSSA State & National Director, James Taylor

Why join the USSSA? What are the benefits?

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How do I register for a USSSA event?

Refer to each individual event listing and/or contact the event director for more information. Each event director will have the option for teams to register by mail or online at based on preference. All event registrations and payments for USSSA sanctioned events must be made by the deadline and in advance of the tournament schedule. No team will be placed on the schedule without a official registration.


I lost my username and password to the website for my team account? How do I retrieve my information?

Click here. If you need further assistance please E-mail


Do I need a USSSA Membership and what does it cost?

To participate in any USSSA sanctioned event you must have a current USSSA team membership. The annual membership year is from August 1st until July 31st of each year. The cost is $25 per team annually.


Do we need to submit our roster on the USSSA website?

Yes, all USSSA teams should have an up-to-date roster online. Team rankings will not be activated for your team until your roster is input in the USSSA website.


How do I submit our team roster, add a team photo, use our team webpage, message board and enter team stats?

Click here for instructions.


Which division should my team compete in?

Division I: Elite Travel Teams; Division II: Competitive Travel Teams; Division III: Recreational Teams


How many players can we have on our roster?

You can have up to 15 players.


How many coaches can we have on our roster?

You can have up to three coaches or managers on your roster and bench during events. All such coaches must be certified For Coaches By Coaches (FCBC) members.


Who is eligible to be a coach?

Only those certified For Coaches By Coaches (FCBC) can coach in USSSA sanctioned events.

Do we have to purchase team insurance?

No, but it is strongly recommended for liability and medical purposes. Click here to learn more.


Why should we purchase team insurance?

USSSA team insurance covers the play and practice of any amateur activity in the sport insured. The cost is minimal at $97 per team or a reduced rate for 6 or more teams from the same club. Click here to learn more.


I purchased team insurance. How do I get our practice facility named as additional insured on the certificate so we can rent a facility for team purposes?

E-mail and provide your USSSA member number, the name of the facility and physical address. Please allow time for processing. Also please note team insurance certificates do not cover event liability for hosting events. If you need event or tournament liability insurance please contact the state office for more information. 

How do we qualify for the USSSA National tournament?

Teams must attend and finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at a USSSA National Qualifying event.


How do we receive a team sponsorship for the USSSA National Championships?

Teams that qualify for the USSSA National Championships also qualify for sponsorships from the state office. Sponsorships can include a combination of monetary funds ranging from $500 to $3000 per team and/or apparel or uniforms. Sponsorships are based on the total fund available divided by the number of teams going to the National Championships.


What is the E.A Ramsey College Scholarship Program?

Click here.


What is the USSSA refund policy?

Requests made 10 days prior to event will be granted a full refund. Requests made 9 days or less before an event may or may not receive a refund based on the specific event's stated refund policy. Online refunds will have merchant processing costs deducted.


How do I get a refund?

E-mail the event director and request a refund (see above).

All cancellations must be in writing and provide your mailing address.


How does the USSSA Ranking system work?

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How can I track my team's points?

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How do I see the overall National Points Rankings?

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Can I access individual player profiles, stats, or awards?

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Can I access individual player stat rankings?

 Click here.

My team's game results are incorrect, whom do I contact?

Contact the tournament director and have them forward correct event and game results to the state office within the next 48 hours for corrections.


I played in an event this past weekend and my team's points and rankings have not changed?

It takes 24 hours for points and rankings to refresh online after they have been input. Tournament directors are required to send in event results within 48 hours of an event.


My team does not show any points or rankings?

You must have your team roster (player name and jersey number) input on your USSSA Team Membership page in order to activate your points and rankings.


We had a forfeit game, how does that affect our record and points?

All forfeit games are recorded as a 15-0 win/loss in the USSSA online system for teams. This is standard nationally.


My team is listed twice in the rankings or I registered my team twice by mistake?

Please contact

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